Monday, July 16, 2012

Egg photography with Danbo

These are my Eggs lol! haha! I created different expressions on the eggs by drawing on it. I personally made that ambulance van by myself through cutting soft boards(box) and connected it by using glue and adhesive tapes. I added some colors on it to make it more cool and to look it more closely resembles to ambulance. I used the most photographed toy in the world!!! no other than "DANDO" haha! It's such good to make Danbo as the subject of my toy photographs because he's so charming which will surely make the people to stop by. 

I photographed these last year (2011) and had it on my old blogsite but I deleted my account there due to spamming and hacking etc. So this is now my official photoblog ^_^ ^^, 

I used a Nikon D90, ISO 400, 50mm lens, f/1.8 and I slightly post-processed it. (It's obvious haha!)

I love you DANBOOOO! (promise!!)


'til death do us part 

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